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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 12, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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police ii baltimore couuty need your help fighting back.they're searching for 2 suspects... accused of raping a 13-year-old girl last month. month.police say mikris jjckson and lawrence mayo led the victim... and two othhr females... through a wooded area to a home on chris court in randallstown.ttat's where both men allegedly had sex with the 13-year-old. "iq: theecase came to our attention..... oq: with these 2 19 year olds." olds." with ttesee2 19 year oodd." olds."the suspects are charged witt second-degree rape.anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to caal police. a promising young swimmer iss classmates.alec cosgarea was killed in a car ccident monday night.he had jjst left a dinner with his swim team...
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car on greenspring avenue near his wings mills home.ccsgaaea was an incommng senior at the mcddnough school... where his teachees called him a 'quiet leader.' erik posegay, swim coach: "you can't replace an alec cosgarea...bbcause of all the positive ualitiess hat he brought. he was more than just the times. weere gonna miss his enthuuiasm day innand day o" out."cosgarea's funeral will be ccsgarra's cosgaree's saturday orning at 10 is o'clock... at the cathedral of mary oor queen on north charles street. after what a lot of people wwnt aater what a lot of peopll ent through the last two weeks....there is somm relief for b---e customers oo their next biil. dark will receive a credit. not like what you see. see.megan gilliland is live from b-g-e headquarters downtown with more on the rate phke that coulddaffect áeveryoneá soon. good morning uys,the last thing b-g-e customers want to
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hear... is that they could eed up paying more. are planning to ask maryland's - publiccservice commissionfor a rate hike. we'rr told b-g-e will seek the increase before point... there's no word on (gould) whether or not this k - storm would be in the rate adjustmenn request, can't tell you for sure at this point, more than likely t would be, but t's blenddd in with all other perations of the utility" utility."if a rate hike is ppproved... it would bb the second increase in 20-years. but for all of you shaking your heads... thht were without power for days... there is some ggod news for you.a diitributionncharge has went without powwe... the greater the credii will be on your next bill. 3it'' nnt enough to satisfy state senator brian fosh though.he critized utilities
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would stop utilities froo charging customers for storm related losses n the future. i'm megan gilliland, fox455 morninggnews. owners... they shouud bb safe pfom eeiccion for the time being... despitt oo reccnn court ruling that abeled the breed as iiherently dangerous. dangerous.the attorney general's office says he because thh court has been .. asked to reconsideerit.the court's deccsion says victimss of pii bull attacks would not need tt prove the dog has aa áhistoryá of violence before mmking a claim.the ruling sparked controverss... prrmpting "state farm inssrance" coopany to ass the court to take another llok at the iisue.until then.. landlords have no leggl baais ppit buuls. "iq: this is a temporary reprieve from that.... oq: people."lawmakers have created a task lawmakees have created a task force o
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addrrss concerns over the ruling. gas prices are rising again after a big decline in the past few weeks. the nationaa average is noww3-37 a gallon. that's 26-cents less than it was a year ago. ago. yet at the same time, consumers are noticing that fuel surcharges have not changed at all. joel d. smithhis live at santoni's n reisterstown to find out why. 3pgood morning joel d. -&
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3 aator roberr actor robert bbake... goes on a tiradd while being intervieweddby pierssmorgan. morgan..ou say you dont know if im telliig the truth whht difffernce the actor went off because morgan asked him about his acquittal in the 2001 death of his wife.blake says morgan clled him a liar... by the hoss.blake was betrayed acquitted in his late wife's death but was found iable in wws orderrd to pay 30 million - dollarr. there are many ways to get a
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shouldn't be one of them.a mmn is caught on camera stealing a safe from a houston restaurant containing he seccet recipe to their prized burger. surveilllnce videooshows he suspect wweeeing oot the 1-hundred-ten pound safe on an offiie was ater recovered in front oo a construction site ... but thee reccpe... and the suspect.. are still missiig. &pmcdonald's "speciil sauce" is not so secret anymore... after the phain's executive chef... youtube.:44-:51 "herr i have garlic powder, onion powder, aad the paprika. the paprika gives it a little flavor, but it also helps to enhance the little."the move is parr of an effort... to provide more transparency.mcdonald's answered questions fromm customers byye-mail aad twitter....incllding one from a customer who wanted tt know sauce.the ingredients include payonnaise, sweet pickle relish, cllssic yellow mustard, white wiieevinegar,
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garlic powder, onionnpowder and paprika.mix it up in a bowl nd... voila! coming up on the early eddtion... a severall hundrrd thoosand dollar phone system.. boughh on your dime. dime.the new proposal thaa hhs the comptroller and mayor at odds aaain. again. ((break 1)) ((aa lib ((break 1)) ((aa lib ((break 1)) she had man hands. man hands? the hands of a man. it's like a creature out of greek mythology. ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 895 map fiber map bel air
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3 3 3 3 coming up... the fight... ovve a pricey neww phone system for baltimore city hall. hall.the plan that was rejected... after the break. p(bump out))
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[ telephone rings ] how's the camping trip? well, the kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. ♪ the best part of wakin' up what are you doing? having coffee. ohh. ♪ is folgers in your cup more controversy over the telephone system at city hall. government officials that's launched at leest one city morning's cover story - - two separate connracts for high-tech phone seevice have &pled to countless questions about ethics... he law... and how your ttx dollars are being . spent. 3(commtroller) 03:23:00 "and the taxpayers should be outraged and innan uproaa that this type f activity is taking place today before thhs board."verbal sparks continue
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to fly... in ccty hall.... (mmyoo) 03:28:04 "and i'm morning.... tte comptroller's 8-million dollar plan for a new phone system... gets voted down...03:33:08 - "i vote yes. no, no, no. i vote yes. the motion ails."aaterwwrds, an attorney for i-b-m... addressed the mayor - and &pothers who voted against the deal... hich wws submitted for bid months ago.... and approved by the ityy purchasing department.(ibm &pattorney)03:33:30 "we've been working on this contract for over year. "theecomptrollers efforts to uugrade the city's phone system... has been a ssbject of controversy since last month. the comptroller accused the mayor of tryinn to laws... to create her own phooe systtm. it started wiih the purchase of equipment as &pcontract as obtained through bidding proccsss with a company called digicon instead of opening the phone system purchase to new utside bbds.the city solicitor issued an opinioo thht the eal was legal. but in an interview with the baltimore sun... the based his decision ithout rrviewing alllthe documentss..including thhs purchaae order. comptroller joan pratt: 03:47:56 " how can
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you give an opinion without reeiewwnn the acts."the case of quote - "fraud, wasse comptroller: 03:47:20 "we're wasting oney! and i think it's a cleaa abuse of the procurement process."over the last couple of weeks, ooher city leaders have questioned the teleehone deal too...carl ptokes/city councilman: "i'm looking forwaad to a good, strong, thorough investigation of this entire matter." councilman carl stokes believes in thii economy - every dolllr speet matters... can create a new phone system cheaper - using in house employeee, along wiih subcontrrctors and eeuipment. now... as the ciiy hits the reset button - so to speak - many wonder if the new technology chief - appointed tt the job just last week - compromise with the a comptroller... and i-b-m.the - resigned back in february amid scandal with his previous employer,,the state of new york found singleton engaged in questionable bidding practices and signedd an unnecessarr deal thaatcost &pthe tate abouttone and a hal million dollars.while singleton coordinaaed some of
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the riginal deals between baltimore and digicon, he never worked for or had any other relationship with the companyybut these invoices áfrom digiconá show the current technology office chief of sttff --damian sharr --áwasá aid for consultiig work in the past. though digicon's attorneys say he was actually employed by a subcontractor to digicon, not digicon itself. either way, he failed to dissloseethat role on his ethics form, which he ffled with the city last year... and amended only last questioneddhim about's alllpart of an ongoong innestigation by the city inspector general.the mayorr says her ffice ii ooperating with that probee- and she exppets the comptroller to as well.(mayor) 03:38:57 "and i know that he is waittng on documents frommher office so he can complete an investigation."but joannpratt says that might not be enough... she's considering an (pratt) 03:52:17 "yys because i think that there's going to be a lack of independence. how can he ig - who reports to the city solicitor - signs his time sheetss- and the administration who signs his paycheck - how
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can he render an opinion differeet than what the city solicitorrhas already the city's new hone systema is on hold..melindaaroeder.... fox 5 news at ten. right now there are no meetings scheduled between the about the citt phonn contract. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour.... a 250 dollar giant gift card coulddbe yours!go to facebook fill out the form.. to get and your name in the bbx.we'll draw our winner in less than an hour. hour.and... both the orroles an hour. and... both the han hourrand... both the orioles and the ravens are feeling the pressure from a ticking clock...bruce cunningham explains next in sports. 3&((break 3)) why should our wallets tell us what our favorite color is?
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with the rich, smooth superfood, avocado. subway. build your better breakfast. thousands of new good paying jobs... all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122 and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor... one of the biggest new job projects in the country.
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to vote "yes" on national harbor... relief is coming... for b-g-e cuutomers left in the dark from this month'ssstorms.but it's followed


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